Now you can create, manage and maintain your mailing lists,  newsletters, press releases, invitations and bulletins;  keep track of your subscribers and allow subscribe/unsubscribe requests all the time.  All these and more!
The DAPROSE-NEWSROOM delivery system checks and validates against over 24,000 NO-SEND DOMAINS and UNSUBSCRIBE requests to fully comply with the CAN SPAM ACT OF 2003 and all its additions. We also comply with all FTC rules and regulations.
We maintain our databases on a daily basis using fully automated systems and enhancing and adding new capabilities as we need them. Your subscribers can access this system 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
You can create, maintain, import and export your own mailing lists, build as many newsletters as you need, add a Subscribe/Unsubscribe buttom or link onto you current Web site, or add a “Subscribe” link to your email signatures.
Use the DAPROSE-NEWSROOM to create, maintain and deliver wonderful newsletters and presentations, deliver your bulletins, send press releases and newsletters via email, and post your newsletters on the Web for as long as you wish for easy access and viewing!   Everything is accessable from the same control panel.

  • Get instant customer feedback to improve your business!
  • Use ready to use templates.
  • Create, send and analyze professional surveys with ease.
  • Get free opt-in forms to capture key information from your website visitors.
  • Email surveys and invite them to events!
  • Share your newsletter, invitations and surveys on social networks like Facebook, LinkedIn, NETLOGO.BIZ, Twitter and more.
  • Superb deliverability.
  • Real-time tracking & flexible pricing.

Just Jump In!  Register  at: http://www.daprose.com/news

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