Group Management System (GMS)

DAPROSE-GMS is one of the most important communication tool available for the modern business. It is widely used by business owners, teachers, office managers, department heads, political parties, politicians, project managers, team leaders, pastors, sales managers and hobbyists.
GMS stands for “Group Management System“. DAPROSE-GMS was developed to accomplish two specific things in mind:

  1. Groups management; and,
  2. Action-effect marketing analysis.

By groups, -we mean-, any type of human group, for profit or non-profit: friends, family, church members, co-workers, associates, employees, customers, clients, patients, hobbyists, clubs, teachers, students, or any type of human group, membership, or affiliation, … you name it.
To start a new group click on the following URL:

Humans group themselves for many reasons

You can use DAPROSE-GMS to create, maintain and communicate with any number of human groups. Upon registration, DAPROSE-GMS automatically creates the basic framework for your own group. Some group moderators will likely choose a USER ID that more closely matches or reflects the nature of the new group. For example: [MY-COMPANY-NAME], MUSIC-BANDS, COOKING, FLIRTING, CHURCH-OF-GOD, SINGERS, etc.
When you first register you become a member of the group DAPROSE, (or some other group you have been invited to participate). At the same time, your own USER ID has become a new group on its own.
While at the DAPROSE-GMS control panel, use the main menu option “MY UPLINK” to check who is your uplink (My Uplink-Team Leader). That will give you a clear idea as to what group you belong to. Other members in the near future will belong to your own group as well.
DAPROSE-GMS will help you building, managing and maintaining any type of human groups; that is, groups of people with common interests!
To start a new group click on the following URL:

What does a GMS do exactly?

DAPROSE-GMS does practically all the work for you creating, managing and maintaining your group’s database. It allows each new member to build his/her own profile, share files and add sub-groups; leaving the heavy load of works to each particular member, and not exclusively to you.
Each new member does a very small portion of the heavy works needed to build and maintain a user’s group; in fact, every time a new user registers, he or she does a significant part of the whole work needed to create and maintain a new group. The sum of all those small parts is what makes DAPROSE-GMS work for anyone as expected.
To start a new group click on the following URL:
To start a new group, just follow these 3 easy steps:

  1. Create a new account,
  2. Validate your account from the email you will receive after registration; and,
  3. Login using your new ID and Password.

Ready to jump in and start your own group?

To start a new group click on the following URL:

How will DAPROSE-GMS build my own group?

1) DAPROSE-GMS provides you with all the necessary tools to create and maintain any number of human groups. That is, groups of people with common interests.
You can invite people from anywhere in the world to join your group, that is locally (from your own home town), nationally (from your own country), or internationally (from all over the world). The decisions are all yours to make, just keep in mind that any new member in your group is also a potential new group on its own.
2) You can build one group, or an unlimited number of groups, all under your own leadership.
For example: You can create a main group, example: MY-BUSINESS-NAME, -and later-, you can create other groups under the primary group using your primary user ID as the inviting GROUP; this way, you will always be in control of all the groups under the main user ID at all times.
3) This system provides you with all the tools to be in touch with your own group. You can build mailing lists, build message templates, create bulk mailing campaigns, send regular daily, weekly or monthly newsletters, see and review each member’s profile, and contact them individually, or as a group with only one click on your mouse.
4) You can measure your marketing actions and obtain instant reports on the effects of your actions. You can create response tracking pages, surveys, quizzes or just a welcome page for your own group and view the statistical reports of your visitors and the pages they hit.
This real-time feature will help you to keep track of the action-effect of your own marketing campaigns and also the effect of your newsletters when they reach each reader.
To start a new group click on the following URL:

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